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Shifting of household or commercial space is a common practice for various reasons. It can be because of professional commitments, lease or rent property or shifting to own building. Transportation has never been an easy task. It requires lots of planning and efforts to carry out the process smoothly. Professional services can reduce your burden and provide you the services. The professionals are skilled in handling various types of household and commercial assets. They will be trained to dismantle and load the things in a defined pattern considering the safety of goods.

There are a number of packing and moving companies who claim to offer the best services in the industry at a cheap price. As there is a minimum skill requirement, many agencies hire the labors from the daily labor markets making it easy to load and unload the goods. The manpower is easily available at any time. Problem with these laborers is they do not handle the material with care, they just pick and dump the articles in the loading trucks, but in our company, we hire skilled and trained laborers who are trained to handle the goods with care to take care of your belongings.

Packing of the goods is the most crucial part of any kind of transportation. Improper packing can result in damage to the articles and also to the surrounding articles. The whole shipment will be in loss if the packing is not done under careful observation. Our team carefully inspects and Okays the goods before being loaded onto the trucks. The goods are to be well-taken care even during transit and when unloading. The items will be delivered in the same condition as they are picked. The packaging material used is also of high quality which can withstand the pressure of wear and tear, of any during the transit.

We have teams who specialize in packing of packing of household items and commercial items separately. Each of the team members has definite responsibility, like packing, loading, an inspection of packed and loaded goods, etc. This increases the efficiency of teamwork and also the safety of the clients’ assets. In addition to the trusted manpower, we encourage our customers to insure the goods. The insurance can be very helpful in case of theft, robbery or any calamity. Our company also offers insurance services for goods. You can contact our packer and mover at Himatnagar with the details of the goods to be insured.

We also transport two-wheeler and four-wheeler transportation and insurance. DSR has transportation has the required loading trucks which can safely transport the vehicles without any damage during loading and or transit. The vehicle will be handed over the customer at destination by verification of eth document and also customer verification of the receipt of goods at the destination.

We also undertake the transportation of household items. The candidates who are shifting from one city to another city might require a storage and transportation facility. We can act as a warehouse of your household items such as electronics, wooden furniture, antique pieces, etc. The items will be stored safely at our warehouse in a neatly packed condition and the same will be transported to destination upon request. The packer and mover can help right from packing, storage to the unpacking at the destination.

Shifting of commercial spaces requires not only skilled labor for movement of goods but also professional persons to dismantle the system and networks and reinstall the same at the destination.

End to end packing and shifting services are provided for both household and office spaces. The safety of goods is insured with a GPS tracker while in transit.

Just give a call to our office our packer and mover at Himatnagar will reach your place to discuss further.

Happy Shifting!