Smart Warehouses

Storage is a regular commercial requirement. Logistics without transportation is a body without a soul but without storage facilities, it is spineless too. At DSR, you can avail a warehouse facility alone or in a combo package that includes its transportation. We offer specially tailored solution as per the client’s demand. Be it a long term requirement or a short term need, our warehouses allow you to keep your commodity articles safe and placed in a clean environment.


Safety And Preservation

Before distribution and sales, all the sellers need to store the products. Other than storage of bulk quantities, a warehouse helps in minimizing the risk of damage because of wind, rain, heat or other factors. Storing the items systematically and arranging for a perfect disposition of the cargo requires a smart storage solution. Warehouses of DSR are equipped to ensure safety as well as appropriate placement.

Unhampered Delivery

When the point of pick-up is closer, it is a considerable competitive advantage. Commercial suppliers prefer storage options located nearby to ensure there’s no break in delivery. In commercial deliveries, one has to ensure that goods reach the local market in time. If manufacturers ensure that articles are stored in warehouse prior to actual delivery, a lot of time and effort can be saved. Hence we prefer keeping the goods in warehouse.

Location Advantage

A warehouse located at a dear position can help in delivering goods to different places in time. It smoothens the process of supply-chain management. Manufacturing units may not be very close to market. If a warehouse is at a central position, it will facilitate the process of delivery. At DSR, we have smart warehouses at central position offering you a competitive advantage.

Risk Reduction

Warehouses protect the goods against numerous factors, whether natural or caused by human ignorance, thereby reducing the risk. There are products which need specific temperature and storage conditions. DSR caters to all specific needs of the products at its warehouse.

Trouble Less Handling

A warehouse keeps a record of everything that is brought inside its premises. With a warehouse you will never incur a loss owing to mismanagement or poor handling. At DSR’s warehouses, a regular placement of goods is maintained. Every object is placed in a well-arranged manner so reduce the effort and time involved in searching for a particular commodity and loading it on the trucks for delivery.