Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain management and Logistics bring markets closer to the buyer. Globalization and availability of products in international market is possible because of this dimension of transportation. DSR offer you the opportunity to have a comfortable delivery of your shipment in domestic as well as international market. We can store the articles in our warehouses and make delivery cost-effective and timely. We connect suppliers with service providers and eventually with buyers by making the product delivered.


Higher Efficiency

With integrated logistics and supply, you save a lot of trouble that otherwise you will need to tackle by arranging for logistics separately and worrying about availability of product separately. At DSR, when you choose transportation services along with those for maintaining the supply chain you choose timely and hassle-free delivery every time. With Supply chain management, we ourselves arrange for the loading, unloading, etc. and a dedicated team arranges for transportation to and fro, from warehouses or manufacturing unit.

Increased Output

When your delivery is always on time, you save a lot of time and stay away from losses that otherwise would have incurred. Not only that, engaging logistics in Supply chain will eventually increase the productivity and output manifold times.

Enhanced Network

DSR logistics has its own network, operational between different states of India as well as abroad. When you connect with DSR, you join a network of professional Supply chain managers, who in everyday routine load and deliver cargo for both domestic as well as commercial usage.

Unhindered Delivery

DSR completely gives itself for follow ups. By monitoring the time of pick-up, the duration of transportation and the anticipated time of delivery, we ensure no delays hamper the supply chain. To add to the service, we have our branches set up across different regions, from which help comes whenever needed. In case, a truck breaks down, we don’t wait to repair it. Rather another carrier leaves from the nearest branch to pick up the goods and save you from the delay caused by circumstances you can’t control. Also, we keep at least two teams of drivers and their assistants in long distance transportation, to avoid any situational issues.


If you will need to deliver the goods straight from your manufacturing unit or warehouse, it is definite that transportation cost will be high, plus your time of delivery will be significantly adding to your troubles. With DSR Logistics, you can maintain your storage units at our warehouses and ensure a quick delivery along with saving on money spent on frequent transportation.