Domestic Packing and Moving

A prime relocation need is to shift domestic goods. People who need to shift their house suffer from a lot of loss owing to damage of personal and expensive articles like Television set, glass tables, electric goods etc. Road transportation of these articles is difficult as in the absence of proper packing, roads and jumps can make things go tipsy-turvy. With DSR Logistics, packing, moving, loading and unloading are steps that ensure that your good is safe when it reaches its destination. Shifting of Domestic goods is a routine job we do.


Door To Door Shifting Service

The right Packers and Movers offer end to end transportation solution. Relocation for household stuff is time consuming but it should not be tiring for you. When transportation and taxi business aims at reducing your problems, it should actually offer help by bringing ease to your journey. This can be easily done by appropriate pick up and dropping facility offered at DSR.

Packing Material And Packing Time Is Saved

Packing can be tedious and you may not know how to pack delicate stuff to ensure its safety. This is a primary reason; it is advised to leave this work to the professionals. The problems begin with the very task of packing as nobody does it regularly and do not even have the pre-requisites to do it properly, whether in terms of resources or packing material, or in terms of skills. You may even forget to place the fragile articles separately or mix up kitchen goods with those of living room. For an organized packaging, choose only DSR.

Transit Insurance Along With Loading, Unloading And Packing

Have no fear of damage as your precious article will be replaced if accidentally it gets damaged. Nobody wants to break anything while transporting and 10% efforts are made to ensure that everything is perfectly positioned to avoid accidental damage, yet to avoid any probable loss, your products are offered insurance by us.

Rearranging Commodities

Don’t welcome backache and headache by lifting the good yourself. Leave the task to people who know the right way of lifting goods without damaging their limbs. There could be stairs you may need to climb up and down, or other barriers in rearranging your cargo, but our team will ensure you get proper help for the same.

Planned Relocation

When you choose us, you just need to sit back and relax, and leave the work to the experts. We plan the packing which is pre-movement plan, also post-movement and during the transportation plan are also developed to ensure that everything falls into the right place.