Car Carrier Services

DSR Logistics offers an extremely reliable and efficient car carrier service. Be it for commercial purpose or personal, carrying cars requires the driver to be skilled and the carrying vehicle to be adequately prepared. Safety of such expensive items is ensured. We have carried over 850 car consignments successfully.


Save On Fuel

Car Carrier services not only make it convenient for you to take your car from one corner of the country to another, but also help you save on your fuel expenses. Companies like DSR Logistics offering such services have special fleets for such a transportation. The carrier trucks are specifically modeled to carry vehicles. When you choose DSR for transporting your car, you make huge savings on fuel as a number of cars are shifted together, reducing your expense of transportation.

Professional Handling

Team of professionals at DSR is well trained in handling cars and other vehicles. The process of securing automobiles in carrier trucks is complex. The tires in cars make it easy to load it, but difficult to secure them in position. Handling such things requires skills and planning. We ensure that no scratch or dent destroys the polish of your beloved car. There are certain rules and regulations which you have to adhere to when dealing with automobile transportation and you should not take a chance by doing it yourself or handling such a task to a novice. Only with the right equipment, your car carrier service provider can satisfy this requirement of yours.

Convenient Pick-Up And Drop Facility

With our car carrier services, we offer a doorstep delivery. We pick up the car from the mentioned location and take it all the way to its destination. From loading it on the truck, to finally unloading it and making it have a secure place in your parking area, we lend a helping hand.

On-Time Delivery

When you choose DSR for transporting your car, you take a promise from our end of delivering your vehicle to the desired location within the mentioned time span and the facility to monitor and track its location.

Safe Shipping And Affordable Prices

At DSR, you will get a quote lower than most of the logistics companies as we quote only what is reasonable and do not wish to waste time in negotiations or be unfair in financial terms. Our quotations will be the same for a relative of ours, as they are offered to you. Professionalism and quality services is what keeps us aloof of all our competitors.