Office Shifting

Shifting of workplace is a phenomenon nobody likes. However, nowadays since office spaces are taken on rent or lease, someday this has to be done. It could be for moving into a bigger office or expansion or something else. But office relocation means a lot of work and since it is not personal or household shifting, you need a team of professional packers and movers who can manage the things well. At DSR, we have been helping with office shifting for years and have successfully completed relocation of over three thousand offices.


Safe Removal And Re-Assembling Of Electronic Gadgets

At offices, the space is mostly occupied by electronic gadgets like computers, printers, CCTV cameras, biometric attendance machine, air conditioners, coffee maker etc. The packaging material for laptops etc. is not separately available and even if it is, searching for so many of them and putting them securely is a tedious task. Its better you leave it to the professionals. We safely uninstall these and pack them appropriately, so no damage to electronic gadgets is made. Our team does the things quickly and efficiently.

Quick Relocation

Since there is not much furniture and other goods, we wish to make it as quick as possible. A weekend is generally enough, provided the transportation is not for a far away place.

No Mess Outlook

At offices, the most difficult task is to manage the files and during the relocation as well, these files if mixed, can create a lot of problem. We arrange for packing these in such a manner that neither they take too much space, nor they get mixed up. Planning is crucial for this.

Insurance Cover

To avoid losses made due to damage of fragile articles, we offer a transit insurance to minimize the loss and keep the option of replacement of broken goods open for the customer without having to bear a financial loss. Although, packaging is done so as to avoid any breakage or loss, still will fragile articles, the possibility of damage can’t be neglected. DSR understands that the biggest loss to office property is damage made to the computer systems and must be avoided at all cost.

Aid To Setting Up The Workplace.

When you seek the services of a packing and moving company like DSR, you get additional benefit of re-establishment of your workspace as our team helps you not only in unloading and packing, but also unpacking the articles and arranging them as per your instructions. No need of extra office boys to do the task, or to pay them extra for the job. Choosing services of DSR makes office shifting a cake walk for you.