Bike Transport Service

Two wheelers are an inevitable component of the lives of people living in metro cities and crowded towns. It is not only convenient to drive them when traffic is at peak but also you feel it impractical to start a car when going to buy grocery from local market. But can you imagine riding your scooty or motorbike from one state to another? A long journey that won’t be safe either. But in case you wish to send a two wheeler from one place to another, what other options do you have?


Door To Door Shifting Service

You wouldn’t like your daughter to rush to the railway station even if you send the scooter you bought for her through railways. It’s more convenient if you choose DSR and let our employees take it from you and safely deliver it to the place she lives.

Safe For You As Well As Your Two-Wheeler

Driving a two-wheeler is not safe on highways or roads which are isolated. Inter-state transportation on a two wheeler increases the risk of accidents as well as robbery. We recommend you not to take such a risk. In such a adverse situation, theft or injury is suspected. If you choose DSR to deliver your two wheeler, we will do the rest for you while you sit back and track the delivery’s status.

Quick Service

At DSR, we make lots (groups) of vehicles to be transported. Then we chose the mode of transportation which will be quick and safe, based on the area. Also, commercial drivers are better at making the delivery quick.

No Paper-Work Or Packing Hassles

Vehicles when have to be taken from one place to another put you in a situation of checking with the authorities for taking permissions. When done for several vehicles at one time, this not only saves time but also makes it easier to get the permission granted. With DSR, we take care of all such formalities. Not just that, you are free from the worry of getting the headlight or side mirror broken as we pack the two-wheeler well before loading it on the carrier truck. Bubble wraps, thermacol or polystyrene sheets, etc. is used to secure the vehicle.


When your scooter or bike is accommodated with a large number of vehicles to be relocated, the transportation of vehicle obviously costs less. Fuel expenses would be sky-rocketing if you choose to drive it on your own.