Loading and Unloading

DSR offers you loading and unloading facility with and without transportation and other services. The best part of choosing DSR logistics is that you are not bound to avail the whole package of services and can suit your requirement by making packages which are suitable for you and personally tailored. Loading the heavy items on the truck takes the toll. It is neither easy to lift these objects, nor placing them securely. With DSR packers and movers, you get freedom from this tedious and difficult task of putting the objects on and off the truck.


Secure Packaging And Placement

With our loading and unloading services, we offer material that is necessary to secure the goods in place and keep them safe and intact. Equipment which are necessary to lift heavy articles and put them on the carrier vehicle are used by our team which ensures proper usage of space available, appropriate fastening or cables and tying cords, etc. With DSR, you can remain calm while your cargo reaches its destination. The goods arranged by us on the truck will not even move from its place, let alone fall while being transported. The uneven roads and jerks are common to road transportation, hence you must consider if you wish to let any novice do it or want the experts to come for help.

Professional Team To Avoid Any Damage

After the packing of goods, you need to know that a patter should be followed while arranging the packed articles on the truck. In the absence of proper patter and order, the things won’t safely reach their destination as the vehicles don’t float on air, there are turns, uneven surfaces waiting for the truck and if the goods are stuffed inside the truck randomly, it is quite possible that only a few things will make it to their destination. But with DSR, nothing like this will ever happen. We have highly skilled workforce which deals with such circumstances on daily basis.

Insurance Cover

To take care of any accidental damage, that is always a possibility even after most sincere efforts of packing things right, we arrange for a back-up plan. We offer insurance service for anything that’s damaged during the transition.

Rearranging Facility

With unloading of packaged articles, there starts a race in your mind, to quickly put everything back in its place, so that you could start using it and feel perfectly at home. Same is the scenario with commercial unloading, the article need to be placed in a warehouse or anyplace safe. DSR team prepares for the situation as well. We arrange the article back in their place so you feel at home soon after a relocation.

Special Care For The Fragile Commodities

Delicate and fragile commodities are something that get us unnerved. Sometimes we prefer keeping our precious possessions with us during the transit as no place seems safe enough. And with unprofessional and clumsy packers, you must not risk it either. But with DSR, we keep your goods safe considering them to be dear to us as well.