Household Shifting

A house becomes a home with the people who live there, but the commodities that we use in our day-to-day life also play an important role in making it a comfortable stay at home. This is one reason we humans gather articles wherever we go. These belongings have a lot of memories and we wish to keep them near ourselves wherever we go. At times during the relocation, we have to suffer damage because of inappropriate packing, or loading and unloading without proper equipment and workforce. This happens because we underestimate the need of professional household shifting team. In our pursuit of doing everything on our own, we end up damaging some articles, if we are lucky, and if unlucky, one ends up getting injured. Household relocation is no child’s play. That’s why we recommend professional help in such matters.

There are numerous articles at our home which are bulky as well as fragile. To name a few – LEC television sets, dressing table, crockery, refrigerator, washing machine, electronic gadgets, geysers etc. Lifting them and putting in a truck is not a transportation or logistics. It requires proper packing, which not only makes it safe to transport them but also helps in their classification when everything packed in cartons looks alike.


Pre-Planning Stage

With DSR, we offer add-on services with which you can rest assured of a hassle-free transition. Relocation of personal stuff is stressful. You have to do a lot of paper work, seek permission from the colony you are shifting from and shifting to, plan the storage of articles, make a list of all the essentials which you will immediately need once you shift, find out help for loading and unloading task and so on. With so much to do, it is really not advisable to dare to shift by yourself. Seek professional help and your relocation will be comfortable. At DSR, we do it all for you.


When you choose household shifting service provider, you have to be sure about their performance. DSR is in the industry for 3 decades and have served more than eight thousand customers in this particular domain.

Freedom From The Task Of Gathering Packaging Material

Not all the products can be packed in similar boxes. As professionals, we know it. But you will have to rush from one shop to another to gather the material we carry along. Also, for you those packaging stuff is a waste thereafter. But we neither charge you extra nor ask you to bring it with you. Another reason to choose DSR, for household shifting.

Budget Allocation

At DSR, we offer you to choose from different plans. You can use a personal truck or pool it with someone else. This helps you in saving money and allocate a budget that suits your pocket.

Insurance Cover

For accidental damage, we offer a transit insurance as well.