We Have 1000+ Trucks in 120 Cities

If your articles are huge or you just wish to keep aside the hassle of a pool transportation, we have for you the option of personalized transportation. You can book a personal vehicle that suits your needs. We offer Loading and Unloading facility as well. For maximum security, you can avail insurance services. However, we have real-time tracking facility as well.


Short And Direct Routes

Personalized trucks are the best choice if you want the delivery to be quick. By choosing a transportation vehicle which is exclusively going to deliver your goods, you save a lot of time. We choose the most direct and shortest route keeping in mind the kind of roads and traffic will be faced by our drivers. Construction, repair work etc. can slow down your speed if the route is not adequately planned.

Convenience Of Transporting Bulk Goods

Personalized trucks are most suitable if the size of the article or the quantity is huge. Though you can get a personalized truck with smaller capacity if the commodity size is not that big, it is most preferred way to shift household articles. When you have an almira, a refrigerator, beds, utensils and numerous other articles, you cannot remember it all. Even if you put them in cartons, you still need to load and unload them. Our team helps in both, so our customers need not worry about pre and post relocation services.

Flexibility To Re-Route

If you choose a personalized truck, you can re-route it in case of any changes in plan. You may use it to deliver articles at multiple locations as well. When you choose to personalize a transportation, and rent a truck for the same, you can choose the route flexibly. To pick up or drop articles at different locations, it is the most appropriate choice.


For commercial as well as domestic packing and moving, trucks are the most affordable option. The door to door service offered is value for money. Even if you get your goods through Railways, you will still need a truck to bring it to your desired location, which would cost you time as well as money.

A Lot Of Space To Keep Your Stuff

You literally can travel on the truck with your cargo. There’s a lot of space that can be utilized when you opt for a personalized transportation vehicle. You can even take the biggest size of furniture you are afraid of carrying owing to its huge size. There’s no restriction of time or space with a personalized truck transportation.