Commercial Transportation

Commercial logistics aim at providing on-time delivery, picking up the articles and dropping it at the mentioned destination. One difficulty that commercial transportation poses is time boundation. Retail stores and wholesale markets are connected by the means of such transportation only. Availability of products is dependent upon delivery. DSR team constitutes of professionals who deal with such scenario with dexterity and ease.


End To End Transportation

Commercial transportation requires the goods to reach its destination in due time. With changing the mode of transportation in between, you may save a bit on cost but will eventually need to pay back in form of time. It’s better to appoint professionals to look after the whole transportation. When you plan commercial transportation with DSR Logistics, you get doorstep delivery directly from the pick-up location.

Insurance Cover

Although proper care is practiced while packing the articles, however, chances of accidental damage can’t be denied. With commercial goods, the bulky as well as delicate articles must stay in perfect shape. For the same, insurance of all the packed material is offered. DSR ensures that commercial loss is repaid in the form of insurance, if any accidental damage occurs.

Loading And Unloading Facility

Commercial transportation means a lot of trips, numerous rounds of loading and unloading. If you have a team to do the same, you may appoint them, or else you can rely on us for the same. Loading the goods and unloading it requires great physical effort. But at DSR, we have the right equipment to make it look effortless, though it is still a task worth carrying out with care.

Domestic And International Freight

Import and export is an inevitable component of market. And transportation is essential for both. With our international allies, we make it possible for you to plan such a delivery well in advance, and prepare for all the obstacles that may be faced, thus, ensuring a trouble free and comfortable transportation. Through the shipments received by air or water ways, we arrange for international transportation and also for the road transportation, if required. Domestic shipments can be loaded in trucks owned by DSR and for international requirements, we have business allies who take care of the cargo once it reaches abroad.

Storage Facility

Commercial goods need to be stored appropriately so they are available for transportation with significant ease. Not only storage allows you to preserve the articles but also to get the truck loaded quickly. At warehouses, the goods are systematically arranged, thus reducing the chances of loss, damage or misplacement.