We also Transport Products That Require Special Care

For cargo transportation requisites that are not standard, one prefers ODC transportation. ODC vessels are specifically crafted to bear extreme weights and hold high capacity. Oversized and bulk weight carrying facilities allow you to transport heavy machinery, huge shipments, construction goods, heavy duty cranes etc. We make a plan to facilitate such transportation so no damage occurs and time delay can be avoided.


Security Of Carrying Over Dimensional Goods Safely

Cargo that is extreme in size can pose risks and issues beyond imaginations. Heavy machinery, cranes and other such difficult to move articles have to be positioned on the carrier with great care and dexterity. There’s no scope of mistakes in ensuring the security of ODC. From loading of an over sized commodity to managing it during the road transportation and unloading it finally, there’s a need of securing the cargo properly. At DSR, we use equipment and tools that are specifically designed to secure such articles.

Arranging For Proper Transportation Vehicle

Regular carriers cannot carry ODC articles. It needs proper securing of the article in its place along with choosing the carrier which can bear the load. Sometimes the articles need containers while at times, they need to be secured using other industrial options. The vehicle capacity as well as tools used to place the unit in place is unique in itself and no two articles will pose similar requirements. Vehicle structure is a major concern and we at DSR have the capacity to deliver this service.

Appointing The Right Team

When the goods to be transported is not regular in size, nor can be the people who are assigned the delivery of the same. Professionals who can handle such consignments are expert in dealing with problems that arise when you have such an article loaded on the truck. It is no child’s play to load and unload such article and a novice can suffer or cause great damage during the process.

Covering Vast Distances

Manufacturing of ODC takes place in one corner of the country and it has to be shipped to another. It takes months to reach the destination with such goods. You have to maintain the right speed and be extremely careful at the road. Only professional help can come to your aid in such a case.

Route Planning

Such heavy or bulky loads cannot be delivered from any random route. The connecting roads and other factors are analyzed beforehand to ensure a delays-free delivery. Since such trucks can remain on road only for selected hours, generally at night, it has to be ensured that route taken is safe and direct. DSR team plans it all to ensure a problem free delivery.